Obesity: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Alli.

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To date, obesity is a problem of too many people in Australia. Obesity is a disease characterized by excessive deposition of fat in the body, as well as the excess of normal body weight by 20% and above. Obesity develops when the arrival of energy resources exceeds their consumption. Most often, obesity occurs mainly in women after age 40. If you have defined at the presence of excess weight, you need to begin to deal with it.


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Of great importance in the development of obesity are sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition to obesity, as well as endocrine disorders (thyroid, and gonads, pituitary, and midbrain associated with decreased metabolic rate and a violation of the central mechanisms of its regulation). There are primary obesity-related dietary factors and secondary obesity, occurs due to various lesions of the central nervous system and endocrine glands. Among the secondary forms of mostly isolated hypothalamic obesity and endocrine obesity. Endocrine forms include obesity, associated with hypoplasia of gonadal hypogonadism thyrogenic obesity, independent of hypothyroidism. Primary obesity is approximately 75% of all known cases of obesity. Also, there are four degrees of obesity: I degree the patient's body weight than normal for 20-30%; II degree - than the patient's body weight of normal weight at 30-50%; III degree - the patient's body weight exceeds the normal weight of 50-100%; IV degree - the patient's body weight exceeds the normal weight of 100% or more. The worst thing is that there are over weight problems such as diabetes, hypertension, varicose veins, arthritis of joints, atherosclerosis, and even cancer. At the first sign of obesity should seek the advice of a nutritionist and endocrinologist, and the need to control your weight, keeping it at a level appropriate to individual requirements.


Most people trying to lose weight on their own, using diet, exercise. However, as a rule, these measures will bring only temporary relief. Diets to help lose weight, but the transition to a normal diet, the body begins to store up calories quickly and store fat. A diet without control nutritionist brings only temporary relief, the body wears out and weakens your metabolism, and undermines the immune system. In order to be effective treatment for obesity, and not adversely impact on the health, before treatment is necessary to diagnose and consult a physician. Traditional treatment of obesity is based on the appointment of a diet low calorie, with reduced fat and carbohydrates and high in fiber. In addition, the motor mode requires an active, systematic gymnastics, shower and massage. With obesity grade 4 treatment of choice is surgical treatment. And with the endocrine forms of obesity treatment is carried out of the underlying disease. General requirements in the appointment of diets with varying degrees of obesity may be the following: the restriction of fluid and salt, adherence to diet, recommended by doctors to use certain products and dishes.


For the treatment of obesity a number of companies have developed original formulas that are used successfully in the treatment of this disease. One of the safest and most effective drugs in treating obesity is a drug Alli. Patients with obesity achieve a good result after 2-3 months. During the year the use of Alli weight loss of 5-10 kg.